摘要: 單位提交登記和體檢項目的錄入Entry of registration and medical examination items submitted by the unit與HIS系統的數據直接連接


                  Entry of registration and medical examination items submitted by the unit


                  Directly connected to the data of the HIS system, with high integration and strong information interactivity, medical institution data can be shared and accessed at any time, directly searching for patient information without the need for repeated registration. Moreover, through the one card system, personal medical records and past medical examinations can be viewed in real-time, making better medical examination plans and obtaining more comprehensive and accurate medical examination analysis and data tracking, thus better serving the public, Winning the trust and reliance of people from all walks of life in society.


                  The entry of physical examination items supports a quick entry method for packages, as well as the input of simplified codes such as Pinyin Wubi numbers. Once the project is inputted, it automatically generates application forms and barcode information, greatly improving work efficiency and saving the workload of medical staff.


                  Design and Maintenance of Physical Examination Package


                  Personal medical examination registration


                  Individuals can self register their basic information and choose the type of physical examination package they want to undergo through online multimedia short message platform services and other means


                  Division based medical examination doctor workstation


                  Each department doctor can automatically access the information of the examinee through the diagnosis and treatment card or examination serial number. After relevant medical examinations, the examinee can quickly add the content of the examination result information to the relevant examination items. If the examinee does not have any examination items in a certain department, the system will automatically prompt and display a prompt to refuse the examinee to undergo the examination, effectively avoiding errors such as false positives, missed detections, and false positives.


                  Specialized doctors can edit the examination results of physical examination items through the "Suggestions and Notes" interface. Here, we provide personalized document editing function to facilitate the doctor's input


                  Summary of medical examination forms


                  After completing a physical examination for a unit, the system will comprehensively analyze the examination results, provide health recommendations, and analyze the distribution of occupational diseases for the unit. The medical examination results can be conveniently transmitted to relevant units through INTERNET. Long term file management, comprehensive query of medical examination information, providing first-hand information for long-term tracking and observation of the health status of employees in a certain unit.


                  Advantages and Value of Physical Examination System

                  ★ 核心功能有體檢檔案的錄入體檢報告的輸出體檢檔案的統計查詢和對比分析;

                  The core functions include the input of medical examination records, the output of medical examination reports, and the statistical query and comparative analysis of medical examination records;

                  ★ 適合各級健康體檢中心,醫院內部體檢部,社區體檢站等單位,實現各類參檢人員(孕婦兒童學生及員工)體檢信息的數字化存儲查詢統計輸出及其體檢流程的管理;


                  ★ Suitable for various levels of healthexamination centers, hospital internal examination departments, community examination stations and other units, to achieve digital storage, query, statistics and output of examination information for various types of participants (pregnant women, children, students, and employees), as well as management of examination processes;

                  ★ 能針對不同的群體個人以及不同的需要做出不同的流程處理;

                  ★ Able to make different process treatments for different groups, individuals, and needs;

                  ★ 自動分析體檢結果的體檢異常結果,并據此自動對醫生提出建議;

                  ★ Automatically analyze abnormal medical examination results and provide suggestions to doctors based on them;

                  ★ 支持單位預約,可即時寫入預約體檢人員名單,并分批分組,訂下體檢項目,也可根據屆時實到體檢人員調整名單,還可根據個別人員的特殊情況調整體檢項目;

                  ★ Support unit appointments, which can be instantly written into the list of scheduled medical examination personnel and grouped in batches to book medical examination items. The list can also be adjusted according to the actual medical examination personnel at that time, and the medical examination items can be adjusted according to the special circumstances of individual personnel;

                  ★ 軟件內置大量的體檢常見結果,體檢建議,300多種項目,豐富的體檢套餐,使你快速進入計算機管理;

                  ★ The software is equipped with a large number of common medical examination results, medical examination suggestions, over 300 items, and a rich medical examination package, allowing you to quickly enter computer management;

                  ★ 具有多種統計報表,通過統計學分析,為體檢單位提供綜合的體檢情況分析報告,為單位決策提供真實的參考;

                  ★ It has multiple statistical reports, which provide comprehensive analysis reports on the physical examination situation for medical examination units through statistical analysis, and provide authentic references for unit decision-making;

                  ★ 個人科室公共的醫生書寫模板,方便醫生寫報告結果,病歷;

                  ★ Personal department public doctor writing template, convenient for doctors to write report results and medical records;


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